Facade Pattern in Java

This pattern, reminds me of this Joke:

Artificial Neural Networks is like teenage sex.
Everyone talks about it.
Nobody really knows how to do it.
Everyone thinks everyone else is doing it.
So everyone claims they are doing it… 😝

These days we have a lot of ANN libraries. If you see the JavaScript library Synaptic, they have black-boxed the complex part of the system. They provide some simple public functions to implement ANN in your project.

The term facade means the principal front of a building, that faces on to a street or open space.

Facade of a building

Apparently, you are dealing with the UI part, rather than seeing the inside plumbing, wiring etc of a house.


Retrofit gives simple methods to play with REST API’s
  • The network library Retorfit black boxes, the complex system, and provides simple functions for API handling.
  • Encryption Libraries, also black boxes, the complex encryption and provides simple ways to hash, encrypt files.

Social understanding

Typically, if there is a complex part (for eg:- ML or CV) in your project, the person knowledgeable at this, could create a Facade, so that, other people could work using it (and do productive things like UI/X etc), rather than spending time, understanding the complex part. We can avoid the complex wiring.

Rotate Cube Example:

The example provided is not complete, but enough to get an overall understanding. This example reminds me of the Juspay Hiring Challenge, when I was supposed to create a rotating cube (I couldn’t complete it btw).

Project Structure:

Implementation in Java

  1. Lets start creating the inner wiring (plumbing).




2. Create a Driver to implement the facade.

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