Update [05/12/2020]:

Tutorial List:

  1. Best practices for building your KDA Flink app. [Part 1]
  2. Deploying your Flink jar in KDA. [Part 2]


AWS Kinesis Data Analytics:

Codekrypt Compiler

Talk is cheap. Show me the code!


  1. Visitor Pattern
  2. Java ASM

Compiler Phases:

  1. Lexical Analysis [String → Token ]
  2. Syntactic Analysis (ie Parsing) [ Token → AST ]
  3. Semantic Analysis [Validating AST]
  4. Optimization (Optional)
  5. Code Generation [AST → Java bytecode]


  • Our Program will…

API Gateway with Cognito


Importing Open API

  1. Get the Swagger Document (V2 or V3) for the service to be exposed.
  2. Create API → REST API (Import) → Paste the swagger document → Import

Swagger Document Troubleshooting.

  1. If you find any issues like

VPC Link

  1. Create a VPC Link for the NLB created earlier. …

ECS Service via API Gateway
  1. Setting up the AWS ECS Services with NLB
  2. Using Open API spec to publish API-Gateway and more.


Spring Boot Service:

Health Check

  1. Ensure that you have added health check dependency…

Appsync + Amplify


Project Structure

Appsync Subscription using WS


State Subscription ( Query + Subscribe)

  1. Query: To fetch the current/persisted state
  2. Subscribe: To get updates about the latest state changes.

Appsync + Amplify

  1. Intro to Appsync & AWS configurations
  2. Subscription in Appsync
  3. Angular 7 app integrated to Appsync

What is BFF?


  • Kinesis Stream
  • S3 Bucket
  • IAM Role

Kinesis Stream:

S3 Bucket:

IAM Role:


Postman Environment variables

Liquibase integration with Spring boot



  • How to create schema using liquibase
  • How to create table, and insert data using liquibase.
  • How to put liquibase tables, in your defined schema
  • How to write…

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